How To Seek God’s Face

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Restore us, O Lord God of hosts! Let your face shine, that we may be saved! – Psalms 80:19 ESV

The United States of America is in trouble! We have watched the slow, downward spiral of morality and ethics in the United States. The only answer for our crisis is that God would once again shine His face upon us as a nation. However, this cannot happen if the Church does not lead the nation back to God.

Seeking God’s Hand

There is a difference between asking for God’s hand and seeking His face. Most of the prayer times in church that I have witnessed (or worse, have personally led) have never moved past asking for God’s hand.

Asking for God’s hand is to simply ask Him to supply something for us. Think about it, prayer request are very heavy on the temporal needs of life. Mom has cancer, Uncle Joe has a bad knee, Aunt Jane is experiencing migraines, and the list goes on and on and on and on. It usually goes on for about ten minutes before finally the leader says, “let’s pray.”

Where is the eternal focus in any of those requests? The problem is that “I” resides in the middle of pride. All sin is rooted in pride. Our natural focus in this sinful human flesh is ourselves. The devil is accomplishing his will. He has distracted us from the most important things in life.

5 Steps to Seeking God’s Face

Seeking God’s face is about the eternal. It is about eternal values being lived out. It is about living a life on purpose that brings glory to God because His glory is being poured out upon us.

So, what are the steps to seeking God’s face?

  1. Spend time in the Bible. – Take your time to read the Scriptures. You cannot know what God has said if you do not spend time reading and meditating upon the Word of God. God’s word will change you if you spend time reading it.

  2. Be quiet. – We live in a noisy world. We roll out of bed in the morning. We turn the radio on while we are doing the morning routine to prepare for the day. We turn the TV on while sitting at the breakfast table. We drive to work with the radio on. We live in a busy and noisy world. The best thing that you can do in connection to reading the Bible is to sit in quietness. This allows you to listen for God to speak to you.

  3. Be honest with yourself. – You and I have a deep need to take inventory of our lives. Are your values in line with what God has said? Are you involved in activity that God has said is sin or unwise? Honesty is the first step to repentance.

  4. Repent of the sin in your life. – Even though you may be a follower of Jesus Christ, you are still living in a fleshly body and its tendency is toward sin. If you are not careful, you will allow things to come between you and the Lord. It is when this happens that you are in need of restoration and revival.

  5. Commit to a community of followers of Jesus – Endurance in the faith happens in community. There have been very few individuals who have successfully lived a life of faith without the support of the community of other followers of Jesus Christ.

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