Sunday Sermon: Guarding Your Marriage

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Marriage has been under attack since the beginning of time. The attack on marriage is as great today as it has ever been. The temptation to sexual immorality is all around. The temptation to satisfy the body’s need outside of the bonds of marriage is great. Lives have been ruined and marriages destroyed when one gives in to sexual temptation.

Sermon Notes

An Unholy Passion: The Deception (5:1-6)

The temptation is better than the product. Solomon is instructing his son with compassion and concern. Perhaps even speaking to his son out of his own experience. It is strong language to refer to an adulteress person as wormwood and a two edged sword. Everything about these metaphors speaks of poison, bitterness and death. The temptation will always look better and promise more than it can really deliver.

An Unholy Passion: The Damage (5:7-14)

If the temptation is better than the product, then it stands to reason that the outcome of giving in to the temptation will be negative. Everything about Solomon’s word to his sons is about the damage that is caused by immoral sexual relations.

  • Dignity Lost (5:9)
  • Devoid of Real Love (5:10)
  • Disease (5:11)
  • Deep Remorse (5:12-13)
  • Disgrace (5:14)

A Holy Love: The Deterrent (5:15-23)

The two most important relationships that you will ever have is your relationship with the Lord and your relationship with your spouse. Each relationship will affect the other. When these two relationships are healthy, your marriage will be protected and any temptation that comes your way, will not really be a temptation at all.

  • Love Your Spouse (15-20)
  • Love God (5:21-23)

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