4 Questions For Making Wise Decisions (Sunday Sermon)

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Wisdom is often looked down upon by the world because wisdom takes a very different path than the world. As a result, many unwise choices are often made out of selfishness, impatience, and pride. Yet, wisdom has many blessings to offer an individual.

Sermon Notes

  1. The Position of Wisdom
  2. The Truth of Wisdom
  3. The Excellence of Wisdom
  4. The Nature of Wisdom
  5. The Power of Wisdom
  6. The Riches of Wisdom
  7. The Eternality of Wisdom
  8. The Need for Wisdom

Making Wise Choices

  1. What does God’s Word say about it?
  2. What are the possible outcomes?
  3. What does my community say about the situation?
  4. How does this decision affect the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ and my own testimony?

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