How To Be Strong

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The Need To Be Strong

There is no doubt we are in a battle. It is a battle of good vs. bad, holy vs. unholy, and truth vs. deception. The battle is both on the corporate level against the Church and personal against individual believers. So, even if you are not under attack personally at the moment, there is no doubt that the Church is under attack. Because the corporate body of the Church is comprised of individuals, it is important for you and me to be strong in the strength and power of the Lord. I have written about the need for strength in the battle here and here. So, how is this done?

4 Steps To Strength

  1. Honor the Bible. Your faith is based on fact not feelings. Therefore, it is all the more important that we prepare ourselves in the good times to be ready for the attacks. It is important that you honor the Bible in the good times. It is even more important when you are tired physically, emotionally and spiritually to honor the Bible. In other words, in both the times of peace and during times of attack everything must be passed through the filter of the Bible. Honoring the Bible means that your thoughts, attitudes and actions are informed by the Bible. For example, as a Christian, I am not worried about the outcome of the election on November 8 here in the United States. Why? Because the Bible informs my thoughts and attitudes. I know that no matter the outcome, God is still in control!
  2. Do right. The Bible is objective truth. Furthermore, the Bible is fact. It is not logical to think that that the Bible is truth and not be fact. Since your faith is based on fact, you can do what is right according to the Bible with confidence! You do not need to fear what the world thinks about you.
  3. Pray. Prayer acknowledges God’s power, promises and provision. It is an expression of your dependence upon God! Therefore, you should pray regularly. I am a proponent of praying the Scriptures. There are two reasons for praying the Scriptures. If you are a parent, you will identify with these reasons. When you give you child instructions, sometimes you ask them, “What did I just say?” Why do you ask that question? First, it makes the child more aware of what you said. They are more likely to remember it when they repeat it back to you. Second, it raises the child’s awareness of their accountability for the instructions you just gave them. The same is true when we pray the Scriptures back to God. It impresses them upon our hearts and it raises our awareness of the accountability we have toward God. There is a third reason which Donald S. Whitney writes about in his book, Praying the Bible. We are easily bored with prayer because we are always “saying the same old things about the same old things.”1
  4. Don’t Worry! Worry is a sin before God. Worry says, “God, I don’t trust You with this.” You do not like to admit that. You want to be a person of faith who fully trusts God. But, yet, you find yourself in the cycle of worry about almost everything. So, how do you put worry away? Read the Bible and pray on a regular basis. When you are in the Word and regularly talking with God in prayer, you have no need to worry. Trust Him!

Helpful Resources

  1. Donald S.Whitney, Praying the Bible, (2015), Audible Audiobook.