Walk in Integrity

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely,
but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out. (Proverbs 10:9, ESV)

The subject of the art class for the semester was ceramics. The class learned how to properly handle clay. The project took a plaster of paris mold of the student’s face. Clay was pressed into the mold. The clay from of the face was then used to create a piece of art.

I was in that class. I decided that instead of making a mask like most of the students, I joined the few who decided to make a full head using my face. The formed face was placed on a styrofoam wig holder. It was mixed with other clay to form the piece of art. An important step in doing this project was to ensure that the clay had been properly prepared, scored and slip used correctly so that the integrity of the piece would not be compromised.

The piece of art was placed in the kiln to be fired. To my surprise, when I arrived in art class a couple of days later, the piece of clay that I had used to form the hair on the side of the head, had blown off in the kiln. The integrity of the piece of art was compromised. In other words, the piece of art was not complete. There were flaws in it.

This is the very idea of Solomon in the proverb. We are to walk in integrity. We are to walk with completeness, without flaw. Now, we will never be perfect in this life. So, integrity does not mean we are perfect. But, it does mean that everything about our lives is honest and true.

It is when you walk in integrity that you walk with confidence. You walk securely. There is nothing to fear when you live a life of integrity. However, the warning is that if you do not walk in integrity it will be found out. Just like the piece of art that looked to be fine until it was placed in the fire. Your integrity will be tested. When it is, you will be revealed for who you really are.

What will the tests of life reveal about you?