A Life of Integrity

Are you a person of integrity? Integrity speaks to a completeness of life. Integrity is a life without hypocrisy. It is being the same person internally as you are externally. So, what are the characteristics of integrity? Psalm 101 gives the answer. It is filled with “I will” statements. Each statement identifies a different aspect of integrity. There are 10 aspects of integrity that can be drawn out of this Psalm.

Honor the Lord (Psalm 101:1)

David begins this expression of integrity by focusing on the Lord. A life of integrity is concerned with honoring the Lord. David expresses this honor in terms of a song. He focuses in on two things, God’s love and justice. But notices, he qualifies them with “steadfast”. In other words, God’s love and justice do not change. Therefore, He is faithful! Do you sing of God’s faithfulness? Do you honor the Lord with your life?

Live Wisely (Psalm 101:2)

Do you take time to ponder a blameless life? The blameless life is one of wisdom. Wisdom is the right application of truth to your life. It is walking the path of righteousness. It is to avoid foolishness. It is discernment. This is so important that David refers to it three times in verses 2, 3, and 6. Living wisely begins with pondering the blameless path often.

Care For Your Home (Psalm 101:2)

Those who are closest to you will know if you are a person of integrity. If your family does not know you are a person of integrity, then it does not matter what others think about you. Live in integrity within your home!

Monitor Your Eyes (Psalm 101:3)

The downward spiral of sin always begins with looking. Therefore, you must be careful of what you allow your eyes to see. The more you look, the more enticed you will be. Here is the process of sin: Looking > Lusting > Living.
Adam and Eve looked long enough at the tree that they began to lust and eventually lived in disobedience.
Lot set his tent up toward Sodom and Gomorrah. This was the first thing he saw in the morning. It was the last thing he saw in the evening. His looking led to lusting which in turn led to living in the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah.
David looked at Bathsheba. He looked at her long enough to allow lust to develop. His lust led to living in adultery.
It cannot be said enough – monitor your eyes!

Hate the False (Psalm 101:3)

Integrity rejects the false! Proverbs warns us that there are seven things that the Lord hates – 1) haughty eyes, 2) a lying tongue, 3) hands that shed innocent blood, 4) a heart that devises wicked plans, 5) feet that run quickly to evil, 6) a false witness who lies, and 7) one who sows discord. All seven of these are centered on the false. Therefore, a person of integrity rejects the false.

Guard Your Heart (Psalm 101:4)

You treasure or value the things that your heart is set on. Proverbs 4:23 ways that our of the heart flows the springs of life. How many times have you said to another person, “I love you with all my heart?” How many times have you braced a gift against your chest near your heart and said, “Oh I love it so much!”

Guard Your Soul (Psalm 101:5)

David’s concern was that people who had arrogance towards and slandered others would not be tolerated. Why? He was guiding his own soul. Pride is the root of all sin. Therefore, we must guard against such proud actions such as arrogance and slander.

Choose Your Friends Wisely (Psalm 101:6)

To be faithful is to be trustworthy. Faithful friends are friends who are trustworthy. Your friends will have an influence on you, both positive and negative. To live a life of integrity is to choose your friends wisely.

Deal with the Deceitful (Psalm 101:7)

There is a matter-of-factness about David’s resolve. No-one was going to live in his house if they were deceitful. There is no room for deceit in the life of integrity. If you are surrounded by deceitful people, eventually you will find yourself living deceitfully. Deal with the deceitful and ban them from your life!

Understand the Lord’s Standards (Psalm 101:8)

This Psalm begins with the Lord and it ends with the Lord. David’s commitment was to daily protect the city of God by cutting off all evildoers. Running them out of town. Destroying them. Why? Because a life of integrity upholds the standards of God!

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