The God We Worship

Do You Worship God?

Have you taken time to consider the God of the Bible? Do you know who He is and what He will do? You will worship God according to the knowledge you have of Him.

David was running from King Saul. The enemies were always looking to take him out. As long as he was running from King Saul, death was near him. Yet, God gave him a complete victory. His victory song is recorded in 2 Samuel 22. It is also included in the national hymnbook of Israel (Psalm 18).

Three Characteristics of Worship

The first three verses of the Psalm give us insight into the God we worship. Consider the following:

  1. The God we worship is worthy of our delight (v. 1). David makes two declarations, which express his delight in the Lord. “I love You,” is David’s first expression of delight in the Lord. It means to love deeply. Much like a parent and child snuggling together in a deep affection for one another. “My strength,” is his second declaration that we will lean on the Lord. Do you love and lean on the Lord? He is worthy of your delight.
  2. The God we worship is worthy of our dependence (v. 2). David gives a list of eight characteristics of God. This list conveys two thoughts 1) God is personal and 2) God is powerful. Notice that each begins with “my”. God is a personal God. This list also coveys the characteristics of God’s power. A personal and powerful God is worthy of our dependence. Do you depend on Him?
  3. The God we worship is worthy of our devotion (v. 3). David declared that he would call on the Lord because he was saved by the Lord. Do you realize that calling on the Lord is a form of praise? Praise is to place God in His rightful place our lives and to exalt Him. Calling upon Him is as much praise as is singing His praise or giving witness to His work in your life. Are you devoted to Him?