Live With Integrity

Have you ever been falsely accused?

It is not a pleasant experience. No one wants to be falsely accused. It causes people to doubt you. It might even cause people to not trust you. When you are falsely accused how do you respond? Your response will speak to who you really are.

David found himself in a situation in which false accusations had been made about him. As you can imagine this was very emotional for him. Psalm 7 is the Psalm that came out of his experience. As a matter of fact, the title subscription with the title says that it is a “Shiggaion” which indicates that it was written under strong mental emotion. We do not know the exact situation. We do not know who Cush the Benjaminite is. However, it is possible that this Psalm was a result of Shimei’s accusations against David in 2 Samuel 16:5. No matter the exact situation, David gives us an example of how to respond in the face of false accusations.

Be Confident That God Is Your Savior (vv. 1-2)

In the midst of false accusations, David knew that God was his savior. He knew that he was innocent. All David could do in the midst of false accusations was to trust God. So, he declared his trust in God while calling on God to deliver him. If God did not act on his behalf, then the enemy would tear him apart like a lion destroying its prey. When you find yourself being falsely accused, trust in God!

Be Confident That God Is Your Examiner (vv. 3-5)

There are only two people who truly know your heart and life – you and God. David knew that in the midst of false accusations all he could do was let God examine him. He knew he was innocent. So, he called on God to examine his life. He was so confident in his innocence that he was willing to throw himself on the mercy of God. If God determined that he had done wrong, then David was willing to suffer the consequences.

Be Confident That God is Your Judge (vv. 6-16)

David is so confident in his innocence and the sin of his accuser that he knows God will have the final word. He is confident that his accuser will suffer the consequences of his sin. God knows who is righteous and who is not. God will stand with the righteous. He will allow the unrighteous to suffer. So, when the false accusations are made, stand confident that God will judge rightly!

Be Confident that God Is Your Song (v. 17)

In a highly emotional situation, it is amazing that David had strength enough to sing of the goodness and greatness of God. Why could he sing such a song? He could sing such a song because God is righteous. He would protect and deliver David from the false accuser.

Let Your Integrity Speak For Itself

Integrity is completeness. While you will never be perfect in this life, you can live in integrity. David wrote this Psalm because of his integrity. You can have the same confidence when you live in integrity. So, trust in God to provide for and protect you. Commit yourself to living with integrity!